The Right Solution for Your Business

DB Solutions takes pride in delivering customized business solutions tailored to client needs through a balance of technology and staffing.

One Console

DB Solutions can provide one simple solution to convert multiple vendor technologies to a single screen view. We can consolidate your information in a master database to reduce the burden of information entropy and increase ease of access. Modernize your Legacy Systems with custom solutions built to meet your needs.

Customized Solution Development

We offer complete lifecycle of Solution Development in IT and Telecom Space with Support. Our Solutions are custom built as per the requirements of User Group based on Iterative development model to solve specific business problems.


DB Solutions can provide the perfect solution whether you need circuit provisioning; switch provisioning, or service provisioning. We include all the fundamentals for setting up your service: wiring, equipment, even transmission. Save yourself the headaches of configuring; let us do it for you.

Inventory Management

DB Solutions excels at handing your Physical and Logical inventory. Our capacity planning ensures your business runs smoothly with features such as low inventory alerts and automatic notifications. We can optimize your supply chain of liquid stock including: SIM cards, Handsets, Vouchers and even your IP/ATM Transport network.

Performance Testing

Our performance tests can determine the speed and effectiveness of your hardware, network and software. DB Solutions designs custom test cases to ensure you are getting the most out of your systems. Our tests and diagnostic aids detect where bottlenecks occur, and offer solutions to address the source of delay.

DB Solutions prides itself in delivering customized business solutions
tailored to its client needs by using the right mix of technology.